The Company
With a vision to design achitecture that enriches its inhabitants’ lives, Atul & Minal Jain laid the foundation of their architectural firm, M4A Designs in 1996. Led by their unflinching vision, the firm’s exuberant work encompasses a wide range of residential, commercial and healthcare projects, reflecting artistry in creating lifestyles, Urban Design and Interior Design. The design journey with M4A does not stride on a specific style, rather it takes the direction that cherishes the client’s comfort and lifestyle.
Our Philosophy
To us, “Luxury is comfort” and “Innovation can elevate human potential”. Over the years, a guiding concept, we call Lifestyle Design has emerged naturally from our work, which propels us to place human experience at the centre of our design process. We love to listen and learn about your hidden aspirations, innate habits and day’s routine and then craft “you-centric designs” to build spaces that find strength in simplicity and beauty in understated elegance.
IT'S TIME FOR YOU give shape to your dreams