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Re-Design Life !

Redesign - Rediscover Yourself As You Redesign Your Place

Your home is a metaphor of your life and it is a perfect reflection of your current state of mind.

For many of us, decorating our home feels more like a chore than an opportunity. Moving into a new place means an obligatory trip to our Designer , rounded out by a few impulse purchases online . A couple years later, we swap out the sheets and repaint the walls, and slowly accumulate books, bedding and DVDs, which accidentally become part of our ad-hoc interior design.
But decorating — and redecorating — can be so much more than that. And it should be: Design isn’t just about what “works,” but about who we are. What we put in our homes or work spaces , is one of our greatest act of self-expression. Think back to walking through someone’s doors for the first time, and remember the flood of impressions you drew from the decor. A living space speaks volumes about the person who lives there. So in this piece, we’ll be sharing insights on decorating, and exploring design as a fun and dynamic way to rediscover life , who we are and communicate it to the world.
The best living spaces, like the best wardrobe, reveal our inner selves in a powerful and interesting fashion. To a lesser extent, design, like style, should be aspirational — it should also display who you want to be , should make the space represent both your best self and the self you’re in the process of becoming. The quality of your Re-design depends on how, and how well, it reflects your true self at the moment. It also depends on who’s observing it, which you have far less control over.The bolder you are in the Redesign, the better your decor will play with other people. Only by being honest and deliberate can you reconnect with who you really are and authentically present it to your guests.

Redesigning your life or place isn’t about erasing your past and replacing it with a new model. It’s about giving your past some better presentation and combining it with your present and future. Start over by doing R & D on your needs in terms of pure functionality. Daydreaming is an important part of redesign. The final stage of planning your new space is using your personality and your needs to creatively daydream about how to best express them.
And redesign isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a dynamic process — one that, if done well, can become part of your lifestyle. Slowly evolving your place as you evolve yourself works to reduce costs. Rather than buying everything all at once, you pick items up here and there, and get more mileage out of your possessions. Which is one of the best ways to rekindle and communicate your identity, using your home or work space as a canvas. Be grateful for everything (even the crap!). Gratitude is the most powerful tonic for life & remember , there is always something to be grateful for .